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Brother HL-2170W Review: An Easy-to-Use Printer With a Lot to Offer

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Welcome to this Brother HL-2170W review! Brother HL-2170W laser printer is a good printer for both home and office use. It can print up to 23 pages per minute at a high-quality resolution, and best of all, it’s wireless. Of course you can use it on a wired connection too.

The quality of the printed pages on Brother is really good, and its resolution can be up to 2400*600dpi. It starts up usually really fast. It also should be enviromentally friendly.

Take a look at its features:

  • Can print up to 23 pages per minute
  • It has high-quality 2400*600dpi resolution
  • It can be connected wirelessly
  • You can store 250 pages on its tray
  • It is Energy Star Compliant
  • Works on both Windows and a Mac

In my opinion, it is quite impressive when you look at its features. But what about its quality? Here is what I think are its pros and cons:


  • It starts up pretty fast, and prints pretty fast too
  • High-quality prints
  • Very easy to use and configure


  • The pages can be sometimes a bit curled, but it’s not a big problem

Here’s a review by Chad R. Thomas, who owns this printer:

Here is my brother hl-2170w review. I got the HL2170W from Amazon in 2008. It was really easy to configure for both wired and wireless networks, though I use a wired connection for my own convenienve. I use it to print mainly plain text and the quality has been very good… Review Paraphrased for size – view original review here on the product page.

Here is another review from D. Dell:

I have used this printer for many months now, and I got to give it 5 stars! I haven’t encountered any problems with it and I’m simply loving it. Though, it is not perfect because I had some installation issues with it in the beginning. I contacted about this issue to Brother support, but even with their help, I couldn’t install it without cables… Review Paraphrased for size – view original review here on the product page.

So, if you want to have fast, environment-friendly and dependable printer, I highly recommend Brother HL-2170W!

I hope you enjoyed this Brother HL-2170W Review!

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